Bhopali Chicken Rasala

I saw the dish in NDTV Good times in one of the episodes of Chakh Le India. A short brief of the show - The chef/host of the show (Aditya Bal - Model turned TV Host/ Cook) travels to various parts of the country, eats out the finest plates and then tries out a new dish from the same state in his kitchen. He went to Bhopal(heart of India) in his last eposide and went to Hotel Jahan Numa Palace, a great heritage hotel out there. The head chef of the palace cooked Chicken Rasala. The dish was simple , mildly spiced and looked great. When I cooked this recipe last weekend, it came out fabulously. All chicken lovers must try out this recipe. While all travel freaks, if you happen to visit Bhopal, do try out this dish.

Ingredients you need:
400 gms chicken
1.5 cup beaten curd
2 big onion - ground to a fine paste
2 medium onion- chopped into juilans, soaked in milk and deep fried.
1 tsp turmeric powder
1 cup chopped coriander
5-6 green chilies blanched. The sharp taste of chilies and curbed this way.
1 tsp garam masala
1 table spoon - ground poppy seeds(khuskhus)
Salt to taste
1 table spoon oil

Method to cook:

Heat oil in a pan and cook the chicken pieces till they turn brown. Remove chicken and keep aside.
Add ground onion in same oil and turmeric powder.
Cook till onion turns brown. Add the beaten curd, poppy seeds, coriander leaves and cook for 3-4 minutes.
Add the Chicken pieces back, green chilies and cook till chicken is soft and tender.
At the end, add some salt ,garam masala powder and fried onion. Cook for 2 minutes more .
Switch off the flame and serve with Roti/Naan.


  1. I liked this one coz this is derived from Biryani and Biryani is my fav dish. This chicken dish is really a different one....

  2. I just saw this episode of 'Chakh Le India',and Googled it since I was too lazy to write the recipe in my recipe book.Your blog appeared on the top.Really unique dish,I am sure will turn out great.
    Thank you for sharing!:-)
    P.S. I am a happy follower of your blog now,feel free to drop by mine!:-)