Station Wali Alu ki Tari wali Sabji

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There will not be a single person out here who cannot identify with one of the above hashtags. We all have sweet memories of summer vacations right after our final exams when we would be ardently waiting to be pampered by either of our grandparents , maternal or paternal side and then would begin the Saga of Train Journey. Mom would pack our suitcases , pack tiffin for train journeys, loads of games and comics which we would be reading at our grandparents place right during those sunny afternoon when we cannot go out and play and sitting under the cooler and reading comics would be the only options left for us as the entire family of elders would be taking a nap. Kids don’t nap. The gulping down of loads of ice crème and nobody to stop us. The list never ends in this case.

No matter what Mom would have packed and how much she insists on Hygiene and gives a lecture on the same, it is a must to have the Station what Alu ki Sabji which the Vendor would be serving with Hot piping Puris that he would be frying irrespective of any time of the day at his “Thela”. And Trust me that would be best ever tasting Alu Ki Sabji you have had in your lifetime.

This rustic food has won many of our hearts and when served in folded leaves extracts even more earthiness that is sure to win many hearts and fill the stomach of millions of commuters thereby rendering complete satisfaction to the soul.

Do you want to know the recipe of the very same Station Wali Alu ki Sabji

Potato 7 to 8 boiled, peeled and cut very roughly. You can even use your hands to break it.
2 or 3 onions chopped very very finely
2 or 3 potato chopped very very finely
Ginger and garlic chopped
½ tsp each of mustard seeds, cumins seeds, fennel seeds, carom seeds and fenugreek seeds
Mustard oil about 3 tbsp
Sugar for coloring
Salt to taste
1 tbsp sambhar powder (Yes that’s the secret or key ingredient)
Curry Leaves
Green chili roughly broken to 2 to 3 pieces

Steps to Make:

Heat oil in a Cast iron Pan for best taste
Add all the whole spices, broken green chilies and curry leaves. Let the seeds crackle for some time.
Add Ginger and Garlic and cook on low flame till it turns brown.
Next add Onion and cook on slow flame till it turns brown as well.
Now add tomatoes and cover and cook for atleast 15 minutes on low flame.
Open the lid and when you see oil oozing out, add the potato pieces and sambhar powder.
Add salt to taste. Add very little water about 1 cup and cover and cook till potato is nicely cooked.
If needed, add a tea spoon of mango pickle and feel the difference in taste.
Tastes sooooo goooood with Fried Crisp Puris

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