Water Rice or Dahi Pakhala Bhata ( Summer Feast To Beat The Heat )

I owe this post to my native state and it has been a long time that I have been neglecting the post.

This season I have to finish it off anyhow.

Some days you cook mechanically in a hurry just to fill your stomach while all other days you cook from heart for the stomach and for the soul.
On all those days when you cook for the soul, the food turns out to be extra special and tastes better than rest of the days.
It takes extra effort but every morsel of food is worth all the time spent in preparation.

It is summer season and it is the time to switch to Pakhala Bhata or Rice Water for me . Sounds crazy isn’t it. But that’s what we people in Odisha, West Bengal, Assam and some parts of Bangladesh consume quiet often to save ourselves from the scorching heat in the state where the temperature goes above 48 degrees easily and sometimes reaches till 50 degrees even.

Hence, we eat Pakhala Bhata to keep our body temperature under control and in turn it helps us keep ourselves fresh. Well Well, the only consequence is that you have a hard time keeping your eyes open and 90% of the people are bound to doze off after having this. So be careful to eat only during dinner or in weekend when you have enough bandwidth for your nap.

Pakhala Bhata is not eaten just as it is. It comes with loads of accompaniments and side dishes, as many you think can and as many you can make. The choice and limit is entirely upto your cooking capacity.
Over the days, I shall be posting some more side dishes. Here goes a list of some :

Pakhala Bhata: Essentially overcooked rice in loads of water. The water is either thrown away and new water is added. Or the water in which the rice is cooked is kept intact. Take some rice in a bowl along with water.
Put some curd to it. Add juice of half a lemon. Add some salt to taste. Finally temper with mustard seeds, cumin seeds, broken green chili, some crushed ginger, pinch of hing , dry red chili and curry leaves. Pour this tempering to rice curd water and Pakhala Bhata is ready now.

Rohu Fish Fry : Recipe Link Here

Amba Kata : Slices of Mango

Saga Bhaja or Green Bhaji : Recipe Link Here

Alu Bhendi Bhaha or Ladies Finger and Potato Fry : Recipe Link Here

Kalara Alu Bhaja or Bittergourd and Potato Fry : Same recipe as above. Replace Okra with Bitter Gourd

Baigana Bhaja : Recipe Link Here

Pyaja –Lembu (Onion and Lemon)

More accompaniments and recipes for Pakhala coming soon.

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